Why Moroccan Schools Need To Improve

The economy of Morocco continues to become service-based and the job market are more focused in employing people with new skills that can be applied in real life as well as competencies. The only problem lies with the teaching of foreign languages and how it does not meet the needs of the students who are already struggling in the 21st century.

Though there are many documents official supporting the teaching of English as well as statements released in various press conferences, this learning of a foreign language still follows strict traditional paradigms.

In a recent statement from the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Mr Rachid Benmoukhtar, expressed that they are focusing more on foreign languages in order to create more opportunities for the future generation so they may be able to easily find a job and be more competitive since everything is constantly changing. This sentiment is not new and has also been expressed last 2000 during the National Charter on Education and Training as well as the two previous school years.

The question is what the government is doing in the education system in order for this statement to take effect as said by the minister. Though there have been many claims in the official statements as well as documents, none have been implemented in Moroccan schools. The only step that the ministry of education did to improve the teaching of English in the country is through the adoption of International and Vocational Streams for the Moroccan Baccalaureate. In reality and practice in schools, there is no change when it comes to promoting the English language. As a proof, the teachers are still using the same books in school and the teaching materials are still the same – with the use of board and chalk. In general, the curriculum as well as the syllabus remains unchanged.

It is known that in order for the schools to teach another language more proficiently, there should be assessment procedures done. With the growing need for more competent teachers, native English speakers get paid to teach English abroad.

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