Why Luxury Resort In Kanchanaburi And What To Do Here

Situated in western Thailand, Kanchanaburi will satisfy all types of travellers from nature to history. Those who pass by the famous River Kwai can understand the tragic history of Thailand during World War II. In this town and city, you can do so many things that you’ll surely love. But first you need to be booked in a luxury resort in Kanchanaburi to accommodate you while visiting this lovely town.

The Bridge and the River Kwai

As what you’ve learned in literature and movies, River Kwai is so stunning making it ideal for a relaxing vacation. You will want to stay in a luxury resort in Kanchanaburi while you enjoy amazing cuisines in surrounding exquisite restaurants gathered along the banks. Visitors can enjoy the town’s scenic view especially the great view of the bridge. If an adventurous traveller, why not dine in one of the famous floating restaurants and see more.

Elephant’s World

There have been several reports made of so-called elephant sanctuaries in the country, that they treat the animals poorly, separate the young ones from their mothers, put them in small cages, and pierce bull-hooks so to be trained. However, at Elephant’s World, the animals are rescued and freed from such brutal treatments. They are provided with the right treatment, and allow travellers to closely interact with them in the most humanly way. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the River Kwai.

The Thai-Burma Railway

Kanchanaburi is a major attraction among tourists who want to learn about the dark history of Thailand during World War II. The Death railway or the Thai-Burma Railway was built for the Japanese to cross the border of Burma to the northwest. There are still tracks for carriages and travellers who ride the train to see the panorama of farmlands, rice terraces and sugar canes, while paying their respects to those who perished during its construction.

Take a Cookery Class

One memorable way to enjoy Thai cuisine is for travellers to take cooking courses in Kanchanaburi. They can master the flavours and skills of preparing and cooking various Thai cuisines. There are many schools in this town to learn the ingredients and how the meals are cooked. You can then proceed to the luxury resort in Kanchanaburi you are booked in and study your lessons.

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