Why Gravure Packaging Acquired Australian Packaging

Paper Mart packaging is a 4th generation family owned business that provides the largest discount packaging in the United States for retail, food and other industries. On the other side of the world, there is also Australian packaging that predominantly provides for the food and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

Gravure packaging is a Wellington-based flexible packaging specialist that has recently purchased Sydney-based Australian Packaging for business expansion. Australian Packaging has flexographic printing, solvent-less lamination and perforation processes that would complement Gravure’s expertise. Australian Packaging will also deliver a proven customer base composed mainly of domestic and international airlines.

One of the strongest portfolios of Australian packaging is its pie wrapping and high quality laminates for the snack food sector. The market for its food and FMCG packaging stretches into New Celedonia ad Fiji with one of the most recognized brands being Mrs. Mac’s. The acquisition of Australian Packaging will open up new technology for both packaging companies while providing an opportunity to cross-sell on both sides of Tasman.

There are a number of similarities between the two companies from size to its existence of about 30 years. Like Paper Mart in the US, both businesses are also family owned. The complimentary product lines will bring more strength to their overall capabilities. Since most of the staff of Australian Packaging will be retained, they will mirror what has been established in the managerial structure of Gravure. This will also ensure a smooth transition in all areas of the business.

After the transition, the interaction between the two companies will be examined from an administrative point of view to ensure that both companies will work well in the immediate future. The previous owners of Australian Packaging have long wanted to retire and the approach of Gravure was closer to their hearts. This can be considered as a responsible sale because it means that the future of the business will be secure and the long term relationships among the employees will be maintained.

There is enormous potential growth in the food packaging sector because people will continue eating no matter what happens. Personalized pre-packaged products will continue to survive and thrive.

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