Watch Orchids Bloom In January And How Thailand Orchids Wholesale Export Them

Believe it or not, over 1,200 unique species of orchids grow in Thailand. They come in every size and shape possible, with every colour ever seen in a rainbow. During the month of January, flower lovers from everywhere in the world come to Northern Thailand to see for themselves the flowers blooming right before their eyes. This is where Thailand orchids wholesale come in where people can buy all sorts of orchids and take them home to their country.

Depending on one’s personal taste, they will love to see the most beautiful varieties of bright yellow, brick red, and white orchids. In January, the weather is usually dry making the orchids create various techniques on how they can store water to survive. This is why the business of Thailand orchids wholesale flourish during January or anytime of the year. The plants are so beautiful that many would like to buy it.

There is one variety that absorbs water through its strong and deep root system, while others catch the morning mist through their leaves. There are also those with large bulbs that store water and accumulate it during the rainy season. There are those who shed their leaves to gather enough moisture to stay alive. The tropical weather in Thailand make it possible for orchids to gather water and make them live.

There is also some breed of orchids that flower in August during Thailand’s rainy season. The rain then returns in September allowing the plants to store water just enough to bloom in January. There are gardeners who trek the forests to check if the “white” variety has bloomed. These types of orchids are the rarest and will compensate enough for the sellers.

Thai horticulturists who found the varieties seen in the forest now export them to people in almost every country in the world. However, there are some orchids who can’t stay alive unless they are in the forest. This will need the right technique to keep them alive once brought out of the forests. So if you want to see how Thai orchids bloom and how Thailand orchids wholesale offer them, come to this part of the country on January.

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