US Immigration Legal Support For ‘Dreamers’ As Legal Immigration A Fairy Tale No More

As of now, Americans can be separated into two groups based on their affiliations with immigration support. These affiliations include one which advocates protection from deportation for younger individuals brought into the country by illegal means; and one which asks employers to verify that their workers were brought into the country by legal means. For the first affiliation, the younger individuals will require US immigration legal support. Although the Trump administration is seeking to allow for the immigration of these individuals, there will be a lot of legal support required for these young individuals to legalize and expedite the process.

These children, otherwise known as ‘dreamers’, are brought into the country illegally and are subjected to the norms of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policies. These DACA policies were started by President Barack Obama during his term in office, and are supported by nearly 86 percent of people, according to a Post-ABC survey. However, Trump’s administration body seeks to repeal this policy, and introduce a new stronger policy to support the immigration of these individuals. This will provide US immigration legal support to the nearly 700,000 documented immigrants, as noted by the Department of Homeland Security.

According to polls, nearly 69 percent of people support the DACA program fervently, and in follow-up questions in these polls, it was observed that nearly 65 percent of people would defend a law that allowed both the legal immigration of dreamers, and increase in the funding of border security. However, these polls did not measure public opinion on the amnesty of these dreamers. However, President Trump, who was on a visit to Florida two weeks before, said that he wasn’t looking for citizenship, but rather full amnesty, and that he sought to protect individuals who came, and did a good job for their nation. However, POTUS still advocates the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border, in an attempt to increase border security, something that 6 out of 10 citizens are against. He states that the costs for the wall will not come from the bill for the ‘dreamers’ but rather it will be funded using alternate means. Overall, there is a positive vibe for ‘dreamers’ as they are provided US immigration legal support to enter the country.

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