Ugly, Rotten Biz Of Dealing With Ticks

If you know what a tick looks like, more so if you have seen one up close and disgustingly personal, then, yes, you will surely agree. Disgusting! There is also breaking news if you’ve been sleeping. Your country has amongst the highest number of COVID-19-related infections in the world. That too could be regarded as disgusting, as well as tragic. Why so? Before you blame your luckless or inept politicians and civil servants for their lack of foresight and intuition in dealing with what is one of the worst crises the world has ever seen over the last one hundred years or two, do take a good and closer look at yourself.

Be honest with yourself.

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Have you done your part in stemming the tide? And how is that yard of yours looking like these days? Please, give people a break. Do not say that business is bad and that you have nothing to do. Start cleaning up for crying out loud! By now you’ll probably also have to alert your local tick prevention lake charles unit to come around and provide you with some much needed assistance.

Because this is by now a mini-plague which has gotten quite out of hand. Ticks all over the place! Why so many of them you might be wondering? Well, why are people pleading with you to clean the place up? Your place is filthy! Really, people! Are you not ashamed? Anyhow, this is great. Dirt. Disgusting. Yuck! It smells pretty bad too. But don’t mind them. They just luuurve the dirt. So then, keep up the disgusting work.

Of not cleaning up your yard and playing your part to stem the tide of infections which continue to hurtle completely out of control.