Trends In Web Design That Will Dominate 2018

At the beginning of this year, there is only one question among web designers and makers of custom web design, what are the top trends for 2018? Experts from different fields shared their expertise and expectations for this year’s web design sector.

According to Paul Jarvice, a designer who has partnered with big brands such as Warner Music, Mercedez-Benz and Microsoft, minimalism will come in bold and bright. Simple will always be a part of current trends but there are improvements in terms of brightness, color saturation as well as monitors. Minimalism or 2081 will no longer be boring instead vibrant colors will be utilized to make online interfaces that are more interesting than before. Stock photography will be a thing of the past as it will be replaced by photographs that will engage the users.

Jane Portman, a consultant with forte in web application design, said that she is hoping answers to questions relating to web applications including value for the users, success metrics and apps that can be used for various purposes. She believes that the answer lies in the use of Artificial Intelligence, personalization and advanced analytics. When it comes to visual design, it is essential that SaaS founders have access to affordable high quality aesthetics.

Interact Quiz Builder’s co-founder, Josh Haynam, is currently enjoying the success of his creation as it is currently employed by over 30,000 businesses such as Forbes, The American Red Cross and Home Depot. He said that this year will be all about interactivity because consumers are looking for personalization as well as entertainment. Brand connection can be achieved by contents like games, quizzes and polls. Brands will get to know what the consumer wants based on their answers and they get to deliver what they are looking for.

Vytautas Alech, a product developer as well as user experience designer, said that free-form style along with asymmetry will take center stage this 2018. This has been used for many years but it has never been recognized as much as today. Asymmetry will be more common in custom web design and brutalism will be more evident.

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