Tips To Maintain Your Car In Top Condition And Enhance Its Functioning

It is essential to take proper care of your car to enhance its performance, improve its curb value, to reduce the repair costs and to enhance its life. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to keep the car functioning properly to its maximum efficiency.

Some simple tips to take of your car

  1. Engine

Taking care of the engine is very essential part in cars maintenance and helps in the smooth running of the car. Regular inspections and services are essential to maintain the engine in good condition. The following services are to be carried on regularly to keep the engine in good health.

  • Check engine oil and change it as and when required.
  • Check the oil filters, air filters and fuel filters and keep them neat and clean. Replace these filters regularly as mentioned in the car manual. Get the new filters from trusted dealers of auto parts.
  • Check the spark plugs and wires and the PCV valve during the service and maintenance.
  1. Transmission

Transmission fluid should be regularly checked and maintained for efficient functioning of the vehicle. The transmission helps the car move by transmitting the power from the engine to the tyres.

  1. Batteries

Battery is required to start the vehicles engine. It is essential to maintain clean batteries with secured connections and terminals. Check the water level in the batteries at every car service or inspection. Repair or replace the batteries in case of any problem. Procure new car batteries from manufacturer approved auto parts dealers, who deal in genuine parts.

  1. Emission system

The emission system of a car helps to keep the engine and passenger cabin safe from harmful gases and reduces noise. The system should be inspected regularly, once a year to keep the car functioning efficiently.

  1. Brake system

Efficiently functioning braking system is of utmost importance for the safety of the driver and also other motorists on the road. Pay close attention to the functioning of the brakes and consult your trusted mechanic as soon as you notice any screeching noise, low or spongy pedal, brake-warning light, or any other irregularity of the brakes. Get timely repairs or replace the parts of the braking system with new ones procured from a reliable auto parts dealer. Get the brakes inspected every year or as mentioned in the car’s owner manual.

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