Tiny House Folds Out Like Swiss Army Knife

A new house tiny house design the a VOID, doesn’t look much like a standard house or studio, but if one looks closely, it’s actually a complete house, with fully furnished kitchen and bathroom, complete with bathroom storage units , and the amenities one would expect of a house.

Each of these things all fold into the 96 ft 2 building, which looks like a plain, bare, and empty white room whenever one first enters and inspects it, but upon closer inspection, the house holds all the necessary amenities one would expect from a home, all folded into the walls in order to become a full home.

The fold out bed for a single person, fitting the house’s size, and a fold out kitchen with cupboards, dinner table and chairs, and a hob. The bathroom, much like the kitchen, also folds out with a small, single-person shower.

The a VOID house was designed by architect Leonardo Di Chiara, with help from Tiny house university, who says that he came up with the design, inspired by his room in his childhood flat. He says that, for all of his childhood, and a lot of his life, he lived in a small room in Pesaro, Italy, in an apartment.

He says that this growth forced him to learn how to organize with the limited space he had, fitting all of his belongings inside what cabinets they could fit in his room, and adapt what little space he had in order to host friends  for play or study. He had a minimalistic lifestyle, which has clearly influenced the design of the tiny home.

Leonardo elaborates that the home wouldn’t work for any resident  who likes clutter, since the space need to adhere to minimalism as much as they can, with the folding bathroom storage units and kitchen furniture, with the house designed to teach its residents to remove anything unnecessary things, consume only what they need, to clean up immediately and to keep everything organized.

The absence of any distraction caused by other stuff or normal businesses allows for the imagination of those people, which Leonardo states is reflected in his newer designs.

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