The Rising Demand For Skylights For Home Improvements

Home extensions have always been a popular way of adding space to a home. It also helps in bidding extra time for the family before needing to upsize. However, although home extensions are useful in providing the much needed extra space, it also has the potential to plunge a property into darkness when there isn’t enough natural light coming through.

Sunsquare, a company that makes skylights for flat roofs, experienced a sudden increase in business over the past few years because people have become more willing to tackle home improvements like extending the kitchen and adding another bedroom.

Kitchens are now considered as the heart of every family because it is the room that frequently gets use. In order to make the kitchen feel more open and to cut down on the use of light bulbs, it makes sense to use skylights. Rising energy costs have led to more publicity about the benefits of skylights. Sometimes, when a room is extended, it blocks the entry of natural light making a room look dark. With the skylights, the amount of natural light is increased and homeowners have less need to use electric lights in dark rooms during the day.

A fast rise in orders for skylights from Paris, London and even New York is mainly due to homeowners attempting to make the best from their cramped quarters. Besides that, homeowners are not required to get planning permission to install roof lights or skylights unless they protrude over the edge of the roof or open too widely.

Extending the home underground has become rather common and Sunsquare is always commissioned for skylights that sit on the ground for basement extensions. This is generally big change for many homeowners because they are using space that used to be overlooked. Others are having flat roof extensions so that they can create an extra garden area.

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