The Important Components Of Bar Design

Jeffrey Beers International is the to-go place for those who want their bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels to look good and striking to behold. Architect Jeffrey Beers has more than 3 years of experience in designing spaces. He knows the correct angle of the back-of-bar mirror and whether backless bar stools are a better choice than those with cushioned backs. He makes sure that the design of the bar will make you want to stay until the last hour.

After the completion of his latest project which is the revitalization of El San Juan Resort in Puerto Rico, Jeff Beers shared some specific challenges and pleasures with bar design. According to Jeffery Beers, the ideal height of a bar is 42” and must be in direct proportion to a standard bar stool. The bar must not be too high otherwise; the guest will feel like a kid sitting in a high chair.

The most important components in bar design are the scenery and how people can see and be seen. The main feature in the bar design is space because of the need for a wide cabinet display. Comfortable seating is also critical because guests need to feel at home and be encouraged to take that “last drink.” Each sample of bar stool must be carefully reviewed with attention to detailing and flawless look and feel.

Brass is a common material for bars but it demands lots of maintenance. Stainless steel is usually a better choice because it is resilient, does not rust and easy to maintain. Bar stools made from wood can easily complement a stainless steel bar. Granite is also a good material for bars because it does not stain even when spilled with red wine. Marble is not really that good for bars because it easily stains and demands a fair amount of maintenance.

The internet is a good source of information regarding bar stools. When you opt for bar stools online, you have a wider range of items to choose from in different colours, designs, materials and styles. It is more efficient to buy furniture online because there are usually good deals where you get the most value for your money.

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