The Growth Of Coworking Spaces And Serviced Offices

Several communities from all over the world are sharing their office spaces with other people from different fields while using laptops and smartphones as their portable offices. A growing number of people are turning to this kind of environment, a different work environment, that is.

Even though informal offices have always been present, the rise of coworking spaces having lower membership costs are becoming more attractive to new companies or startups needing serviced offices as well as independent individual workers wanting a flexible professional working environment.

Coworking spaces are similar to fitness or gym memberships. They both shy away from long-term commitments. There are spaces available for $60 per month for a single use of a workstation or desk, and there are also other spaces offering locked offices or serviced offices.

With this growing rise in coworking spaces, some focus on scale by building several locations worldwide. This broad worldwide network allows their members to use spaces in multiple locations, and this is extremely helpful for traveling members.

The origin of this coworking space trend is arguable. A few trace it back to one hacker space that opened in 1995 in Berlin while others trace it back to a collaborative workspace that opened in 1999 in New York. The official one opened in San Francisco in 2005. Hubs followed in Berlin and London. The field has been growing ever since.

A survey reported that there are over 7800 coworking spaces found worldwide by October 2015. Of these coworking spaces, it was reported that there were only 75 from 2007. This rose to 3400 during 2013. These workplaces have 500,000 members and more which is growing tenfold from 2011. There is a projected growth to 10,000 and more coworking spaces in 2016 according to the survey. These growths are in multiple countries but are expected in the countries of Thailand, India, Canada, Australia, France and Italy.

Whether based through Serviced Offices Bangkok or in a coworking space in Melbourne, these spaces are hugely becoming a dominant part not only for startups but also among individuals like consultants or even employees working remotely from their main offices.

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