The Bitter Battle Over Life Insurance Money

If there are substantial assets in the estate, it is a wise move to have probate lawyers in Melbourne to help in planning the will. They will make sure that the last will and testament will be written properly so that there will be no cause for complaints when you die. Your personal properties will be disposed off according to your wishes

Recently, there was a bizarre case involving the life insurance money of Woodland Park grandmother Carol Colby. After the death of the grandmother, a bitter battle erupted between three first responder agencies and the Colby family. The battle over the insurance money has ended but it was not the way the family wanted it to be.

Carol Colby was very clear with her wishes when she dies. She wanted to have her debts paid for and then provide donations to some emergency responder agencies. Unfortunately the names listed in the will were different from those in the life insurance policy. It had all the makings for a legal mess.

Kellie Johnson and her family were supposed to inherit their grandmother’s house but they also have to pay an approximate amount of $30,000 in debts. As executor of the will, Kellie Johnson was responsible for the bills. She can be ordered by the court to liquidate any existing assets to satisfy the debts. Kellie discovered two life insurances to the amount of $60,000 which was to be distributed to 4 agencies.

Kellie requested the agencies to decline the money so that they can pay off the debts and bills and save the house. She also offered to donate the remaining money after everything has been paid for. However, Teller County Search and Rescue refused to reject the donation because it will benefit the organization. The agencies can reject the money but they also have the legal right to accept it.

The death of a loved one can be frustrating for a family but more so if there is no appropriate distribution of the deceased’s assets. It is important to have probate lawyers in Melbourne so that the assets will go to the person that the deceased has named in the will without the need to fight off objections from other claimants.

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