The Best Women Surfers In History

Surfing has come a long way and unlike any other sports in the world, this is where women excel the most. Looking back at our history, it was only in London 2012 when women were able to participate in all the Olympic sports there is. Here are the women that stood out in surfing with their sport bikinis and their head up as they brave the waters.

The youngest woman to receive a world championship award in surfing is Frieda Zamba when she was 19 years old. She was looked upon in the sport of surfing because she was able to bridge the gap between men and women surfers. She is known for her dedication in training and perseverance to remain fit. At 52, she is currently residing in Costa Rica still doing what she does best – surfing.

Wendy Botha, a South African, was able to get four different world titles. In the midst of the apartheid era, she decided to move to Australia. She is popular for her skills when it comes to conquering solid waves. In 1992, she decided to appear in the magazine of Australian Playboy where she posed nude.

Layne Beachley is the best thing that happened to Sunset during the 2000s. She created her own record by gathering seven different world titles and six of which she got in consecutive competitions. She was record breaking in her prime and was able to conquer a wave as high as 9 feet.

A native of Florida, Lisa Andersen, ran away from her parents’ home and moved to Huntington Beach to pursue her love of surfing. There she was able to test herself among the best surfers in the country. She was only 16 when she left her parents’ wings but 10 years later she got her very first world title and won three more after that. She is the symbol of modern female surfers because she can wear sport bikinis and surf but still maintain her gracefulness and femininity while riding the board. She also paved the way for the success of one of the most popular surfing brands these days, Roxy.

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