Thailand Holiday Villas In Every Location Where There Is A Golf Course

Thailand is hoping that golf will give people reason to come back for more. The appeal of golfing in Thailand is not actually so complicated to see. Thailand has its beaches, temples, scenic spots and of course golf courses that can attract players. Golf may not be the main reason why visitors will go to Thailand that is why they are trying to give it some exposure. In addition, you can always Rent Villas in Thailand in every city or town where there is a golf course.

Thailand is already well established as a tourist destination but the nation hopes that it will also become a destination for golf. Golfing in Thailand is not as prominent as its culture, hospitality and sports and Thailand is attempting to change that by bringing golf on top of the list of the tourist’s reason to visit.

Thailand has an ever-expanding portfolio of golf courses and with its quality and quantity including the excellent weather conditions; it is not difficult for Thailand to attract golfers. What golf needs is more exposure.

Exposure is not actually a problem because Thailand welcomed 12.4 million visitors between January and May of this year. This is a 25% increase compared to the same figures in 2014. Tourism income was 592.9 million baht which is up by 25.13%. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is expecting about 28.8 million international visitors for the year 2015 in order to generate about 1.4 trillion baht in overall tourism revenue.

It quite impossible to quantify how much of the revenue from tourism can be attributed to golf but Thailand expects that golf will eventually be one of the reasons to visit Thailand and return for more. When it comes to golf courses, Thailand has more than 250 spread all throughout the country. There is a golf course in Bangkok, in Pattaya, in the countryside of Chiang Mai and the seaside town of Hua Hin. Each of these golfing locations is accompanied by high end hotels and luxurious holiday villas so that comfort is never compromised. During off-season when the weather is not perfect, courses cut down their fees in attempt to gain the interest of golfers.

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