The Status Of The Proposed Trump Towers In South America

Nowadays, the talk of the town is all about Trump signing executive orders left and right but before it all started there is another newsworthy story regarding Trump. Journalists are not sure they understand the plan of the new president when it comes to his international business deals which is quite complicated. A number of commentators have expressed that the proposition of the real estate magnate is deeply flawed in terms of not creating a conflict of interest with his presidency.

The news is now talking about these conflicts of interests especially in South America. In a report published by The Washington Post, Eric trump went to Uruguay for a visit about their real estate projects and he had to take with him expensive security details costing the taxpayers around $100,000.

If you think the deal in Uruguay is just the problem, there are more projects that Trump planned in South America including these:

  • What used to be a Trump property located in the Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro is no longer operating under Trump. Before the holiday started, Trump Organization separated from the Rio hotel and Trump’s name is no longer displayed in the building. Its current name is LSH Barra Hotel.
  • The Trump tower that they are setting up in Uruguay continues to be an existing deal but the taxpayers are not happy. The tower is located in Punta del Este and its prices have already taken a 30 to 35 per cent high. Before the inauguration of the president, his son Eric went to Uruguay with Secret Service and staff from the US Embassy. Their hotel bills during the entire trip amounted to $97,830.
  • There have been news about the Trump and the president of Argentina in a proposed Trump branded tower but it seems to have not push through. There have been talks and a plan was drawn up but it eventually went to waste.

As of the moment, the tower in Uruguay is the only flourishing real estate property related to Trump. Guests can book a room in the hotel after planning a tour through a trusted booking partner such as

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