Star Wars Art And Its Powerful Costumes

Why does a popular culture phenomenon like Star Wars takes part in an art museum? It’s because like every display at the Denver Art Museum, the powerful costumes of Star Wars feed the imagination and allows its visitors to explore and enhance their own creativity. This resulted to the formation of Star Wars art, which today you will find available in many online stores.

The display in museums provide a cool factor of showing the complicated process of costume making.

It was through George Lucas’s imagination where Star Wars was conceptualized. This also derived the Star Wars art where it got its inspiration through world history, anthropology, literature, and art to make an amazing galaxy with planets, spacecraft, creatures, characters and costumes, that we had never seen before.

Lucas was not a good draftsman himself, so he brought artists to create his far-off world back to his creative mind. This presented his images on what he wanted to portray in the film. In Star Wars and the Power of Costume, you will note the various examples of original Star Wars art drawings and paintings in his Skywalker trilogy. Throughout the display of real artworks and artifacts, we ask you to explore the creation process – from how the concept artists envisioned the world on paper in the art studio, to many of the specialized artisans creating the costumes in the costume shop, and finally the actors bringing the costumes to life.

The level of Star Wars art Lucas and his artistic team went through was really surprising and amazing. For instance, even the humble Star Wars performers knew about how they invented symbols for the countless factions like the empire, the rebels, and the Galactic Senate, etc. as well as the planets covering the Star Wars universe.

In the Denver Art Museum, you will see on the display the artists exploring the Art Nouveau designs to land on just the right images and concepts that symbolize the graceful, dignified and peaceful rulers of Naboo.

We are eager to partake with Star Wars fans and art lovers the impressive designs demonstrated in these movies, from the so-called “A New Hope” in 1977 to “The Force Awakens” in 2015. So watch out for the Star Wars art as seen in DAM.

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