St. Mary’s Church Receives ₤35,000 For Roof Restoration Project

Hitchin, Hertfordshire – April 2, 2015 – The vicar of the Historical St. Mary’s Church at Hitchin is expressing overwhelming gratitude for the Comet after helping them secure a ₤35,000 that will be used for the roof restoration of the parish.

This financial grant was made possible through the roof repair fund scheme that was initially launched in December last year by the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne from his budget that would aim to address the roof situation and the repairs needed at ancient churches all around the country.

The grant that was given to St. Mary’s Church was only a small part of a large funding package of ₤30 million meant for churches. Unfortunately for these churches, not all of them are aware that there is a scheme such as this but it was a good thing that Editor John Francis managed to tip off the church and they were able to apply.

Once they were confirmed for the grant, the team rector of Hitchin who also happens to be one of the vicars of St. Mary’s acknowledged that the Comet had helped rescue the historical church.

They said that it was great that the newspaper was able to spot the grant and managed to inform the church right away while also mentioning John Francis’ key role in the grant.

John said that it was their duty to provide the public with news whether it is online, in the paper or out and when they heard about the grant they only did what was necessary and passed the good news to the church.

He also said that they knew about the needs of the church because they have regularly coverage of the church, mostly concerning its restoration and that the grant was the perfect opportunity for them.

The people of the church said that they have come a long way in terms of their struggle to restore the roof of the church but they also admitted that they still have far to go.

Through their fundraising programs, St. Mary’s is hoping that in due time, they will be able to bring back a solid and unyielding roofing back at the church and this grant is a step closer to their goal.

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