Safety Training Session Hosted By Dulsco And Port Of Fujairah

Dulsco is known as the regional leader when it comes to solutions in human resource as well as waste management services. It recently held a training session in partnership with Port of Fujairah regarding Safety Leadership which is designed for industry professionals that are residing all over the UAE.

The session saw a lot of participants including port industry leaders and known names in the industrial and manufacturing market. They all gathered to attend the session which is helpful for them to learn recent skills together especially regarding being a leader in making sure safety practices and standards are followed in the organizations.

Furthermore, the training has also given them the right tools to use in order to improve their current safety standards in the industry. During the event, there were more than 45 industry leaders that came together from various emirates.

Mohamed Hassan came from Port of Fujairah and he said that the event was a great way for them leaders to improve their knowledge when it comes to safety practices as well as an opportunity to widen their network interacting with professional from various industries all over Fujairah.

Port of Fujairah is happy that they became a vessel to make the safety initiative possible. They are hopeful that the ideas that were discussed during the session will benefit the industries and the employees under them as well as other companies located in the region.

The event will also make sure that safety procedures are excellently followed during the working hours of the employees and Hassan is already looking forward to the next events the company will be conducting in the future together with Dulsco.

Safety practice is important because it tackles different benefits including financial, physical, environmental and emotional. The safety training session was spearheaded by Colin Moffat who is one of the best health and safety consultants in the country. He is a member of the International HSE Council. The session was entitled Safety Leadership and the participants received it with positivity. Certificated were awarded to them after the workshop has been concluded.

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