Reno Pest Specialist Uses Birds

There are many pests in the house that requires the attention of a professional such as pest control in Newcastle but one of the hardest to get rid of is pest birds that are using the property, either residential or commercial, as their nesting place. They are not only making a big mess but they are also the reason for damages. For someone who is not an expert in pest control, getting rid of them might not be easy. This is not the case with Michael Beran, a master falconer, who believed that the best way to get rid of birds is to get more of them.

It is common to see Beran along with Corey Dalton, his friend, as they take out Sky, the Harris hawk owned by Dalton. They bring her out to explore the open desert known as the Spanish Springs.

Dalton said that the exercise is very similar to people who are taking their dogs for their daily walks.

It is the nature of Sky in the wild to be a predator because their species is designed that way. It is obvious to see as she is fond of sending fear to a group of local rabbit. This is the reason why she, along with different birds of prey in the wild, can be utilized as pest control.

Beran said that it is common to see pest birds that are very scared of hawks as well as falcons. The method has proven to be very effective.

He added that using a predatory bird to ward off pest birds is more effective compared to employing a poison or spike strip, not the mention the favourite weapon by many whensolving pest bird issues – air rifle. The predator birds can scare various bird pests such as sparrows, pigeons and starlings. The good news is that they are not harming them in any way. The presence of a predator will motivate the birds to build a new nest somewhere else.

While this method might not be common to pest control in Newcastle, it is good in scaring pests without hurting them because they still play an important role in the ecosystem.

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