Rehab Facility To Be Constructed In Greene County

According to members of the board of Hunter Town, legislators from Greene County together with health professionals have already held a meeting with the staff of the drug rehab facility located in Queens. The meeting was organized to talk about the proposed residential center which will house 60 beds. The center will be constructed within a private lodge situated close to Hunter. The main goal of the project is to offer their services to patients that are residing in the city. Unlike California top rehab, the place will not have a detox facility but will only serve for the purpose of rehabilitation.

The drug rehab facility located in Queens is called J-CAP and spokesperson of the nonprofit center explained that there were already discussions regarding the plan to purchase what used to be the Clover Lodge. The purchase was tackled during the meeting which was organized by Senator George Amedore together with legislators from Green County.

Chairman of the legislature of Greene County, Kevin Lewis, said that the meeting was only preliminary and he has the feeling that J-CAP might not be pursuing according to plan. He added that if someone is to step up to aid the opioid crisis in the state of New York then they might be able to welcome new proposals.

The lodge property has a total land area of 8.7 acres which used to be home to Vatra Lodge and Clover Lodge. The rehab facility is planning to construct between 60 and 65 beds but it is expected that majority of the patients will be coming from the rehab in Queens where it is over the handling capacity. In the case of Hunter, this is going to be the very first residential drug rehabilitation center in the area.

Gardner said that the main reason for opening the rehab facility is to accommodate the existing clients in Queens that are over the capacity of the center. J-CAP decided to choose Greene County because the rooms and the beds will be much cheaper which they saw as an opportunity. Luxury rehab facilities such as California top rehab are suitable for those who can afford the cost of the rehabilitation.

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