Parking Lot Drain Cleaning In Miami & How It Is Done

Every year, cities that are in coastal areas often face the anguish of having to contend with constant flooding in some areas.

Miami is one of the cities that try their best to prevent several damages caused by floods as much as possible. Rain often showers all the way through the year around the entire South Florida area and about 62 inches of rainfall pours over annually.

Rainfall pours the heaviest in June and all throughout October, and this is also the time where the teeming of catch basins take place, storm drain cleaning is heavily needed, flooding in streets, sidewalks and parking lots take place.

There are plenty of ways to be able to avoid severe damages in buildings and the like. One way of doing so is to ensure that the drainage systems are functioning as it should be.

Drainage systems should always be scoured and preserved frequently. Catch basin and professional parking lot drain cleaning are key factors in diminishing extreme damage to several properties (private or public) and lessen the chance of having to spend a lot of money for repairs. Time and excessive amounts of money will be spared if parking lot drain cleaning is done regularly.

  • It is practical to make one’s self acquainted with the kinds of drains and terms related to it. There are other terms for parking lot drain and these are French drain, the catch basin and storm drain cleaning.
  • The French drain is a drain that is full of rocks that sift the bigger remains out of the water and into the pipes. This is constructed at either an exterior or subversive passageway point.
  • The catch basin is built to pump out additional water from a street or parking lot and has rubbles that will not run promptly all the way through the drainage tubes.
  • And lastly, storm drain cleaning is a type of drain that takes off spare ground and rainfall water from parking lots, sidewalks and streets.

Because of the constant flooding that occur on a yearly basis, it is highly recommended to do parking lot draining preferably every two years.

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