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What Is Chiropractic And How Is The Treatment Plan Designed

Chiropractic is an alternative or complementary treatment to treat lower back pain arising out of a number of conditions, neck pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal disorders. The treatments use spinal manipulation and realignment as a means to treat these conditions. Chiropractors believe that human body

America Fist Protectionism Backfires On The US

Even if the business has only one employee, it is required to obtain Tax ID in Ohio so that IRs can track the business and ensure that it pays the payroll tax. Even if you have not yet hired an employee, it is suggested to

How A Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Takes You Conveniently To This City?

If you’re thinking of visiting Thailand with the whole family for recreation and entertainment, then Chiang Mai aside from Bangkok can be an ideal place. Once the plan has been finalized, your next step is to consider the best means of transportation. If you are

Airport Shuttle Service

Modern airports are located in faraway localities from the city. It is a challenge to travel to and from airports to the different parts of the city. Reaching to your destination from an airport with the heavy luggage creates stressful situations. When you consider the

How Much Does The Best Alcohol Rehab Cost?

The best alcohol rehab program will come in various price range. It will usually depend on several different factors, which include the ones listed below: Type of Alcohol Rehab Facility Public alcohol rehab centers operated by the government and non-profit organizations are usually cheaper than

Bangladesh Minister Asks Thailand For Duty Free Benefits For Garments 


Due to innovations in technology, the modern embroidery machine was introduced for mass production. Whether the embroidery is done by hand or through machine, there is still a need for embroider supplies in Thailand to meet the demands for quality in the industry. The trend in the garments industry right now is for high quality products which require quality embroidery supplies.

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed made a demand for duty free benefit from Thailand for 36 products that include garments and medicine. Tofail made the demand during a meeting with KobsakPootrakool, a minister that is attached to the Thai Prime Minister’s office because Thailand is providing duty free access to 6,998 items from Bangladesh but garments is not on the list. At least 81% of Bangladesh’s total exports are garments.

Ahmed has also called the attention of Thai investors to encourage them to make investments in Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical sector. Thai investors will be given cash incentives while exporting products should they consider an investment in the pharmaceutical sector. Total investments that Thailand has made to Bangladesh amount to $1.5 billion. Investors from Thailand will also be given allocations in the special economic zone.

In 2016-17, Bangladesh was able to export products worth $48.57 million to Thailand. Total imports from the country amounted to $781.6 million. Meanwhile, Pootrakool has expressed his interest to make investments in Bangladesh’s infrastructure, power, energy and other potential sectors. He announced the interest during the “Bangladesh-Thailand Business Dialogue” that was organized by the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In order for Thailand to import more goods from Bangladesh, it is important to have a deep sea port including the establishment of road connectivity between the two countries. Should plans push through, expect a significant boost to the trade and economic ties between Thailand and Bangladesh.

Embroidery is an important sector in the garments industry which requires quality embroider supplies in Thailand to be competitive with other countries. Embroidery is no longer the domain of a few experts because it has become a widespread and popular technique of applying decorations to garments. You can see elaborate embroideries in many items not just clothing and hats.

Eric Cheng Of Singapore Acquired Crypto Currency From Japan

We do bank transaction everyday with real cash such as currency exchange Vancouver but with the rise of crypto currency, the future of monetary exchange is no longer the same. One major news in the industry is the acquisition of Eric Cheng, a real estate entrepreneur form Singapore, of the two companies in Japan that were legally authorized to manage a foreign exchange as well as trade crypto currency. The deal was 100 per cent of the stake which is worth 67 million Singapore dollar or equal to $50 million in the United States currency.

Cheng is Upper Joyful Ltd’s CEO and because of the purchase, he is now the owner of the two companies namely FX Trade Financial Co Ltd also known as FX Trade and its affiliate firm called BitTrade Co Ltd. the former was established in 2006 to serve as a forex trading platform for Japan while the latter is among the 16 companies that is under the regulation of the government of Japan as a platform for trading crypto currency. These companies aim to serve the increasing demand of those who are dabbling with crypto currency.

According to the government of Japan, as of 2017, all platforms used for crypto currency trading are already legal. The expansion in the platform will have better results as the demand continues to increases in terms of crypto currencies as well as forex trading. This is not only happening in Japan but in other parts of the world as well. Furthermore, about a third of the transactions made internationally using bitcoin until December of 2017 were led by Japan’s currency, yen.

Another crypto currency acquisition has been making waves initiated by Yahoo Japan as it purchased 40 per cent of the stake from the crypto currency exchange known as BitARG. The investment was estimated to be from $18.5 to $27.8 million. Just like regular companies operating currency exchange Vancouver, BitARG has also received the legal authorization from the Financial Service Agency in order to operate a trading platform dealing with crypto currency on the domestic level.

The Bitter Battle Over Life Insurance Money

If there are substantial assets in the estate, it is a wise move to have probate lawyers in Melbourne to help in planning the will. They will make sure that the last will and testament will be written properly so that there will be no cause for complaints when you die. Your personal properties will be disposed off according to your wishes

Recently, there was a bizarre case involving the life insurance money of Woodland Park grandmother Carol Colby. After the death of the grandmother, a bitter battle erupted between three first responder agencies and the Colby family. The battle over the insurance money has ended but it was not the way the family wanted it to be.

Carol Colby was very clear with her wishes when she dies. She wanted to have her debts paid for and then provide donations to some emergency responder agencies. Unfortunately the names listed in the will were different from those in the life insurance policy. It had all the makings for a legal mess.

Kellie Johnson and her family were supposed to inherit their grandmother’s house but they also have to pay an approximate amount of $30,000 in debts. As executor of the will, Kellie Johnson was responsible for the bills. She can be ordered by the court to liquidate any existing assets to satisfy the debts. Kellie discovered two life insurances to the amount of $60,000 which was to be distributed to 4 agencies.

Kellie requested the agencies to decline the money so that they can pay off the debts and bills and save the house. She also offered to donate the remaining money after everything has been paid for. However, Teller County Search and Rescue refused to reject the donation because it will benefit the organization. The agencies can reject the money but they also have the legal right to accept it.

The death of a loved one can be frustrating for a family but more so if there is no appropriate distribution of the deceased’s assets. It is important to have probate lawyers in Melbourne so that the assets will go to the person that the deceased has named in the will without the need to fight off objections from other claimants.

Defining The Ever Useful Map

One of the oldest and most common objects that people see today is the map. Maps can be probably seen every day as people use them for travel and refer to them very often. The map is a common object that we don’t probably think about much often. It’s just one of the things that have always been there. But did you know that the very act of making maps is one of the things that had made humans standout from other creatures of this planet? It’s true. What made people exceptional is their ability to create maps that helped them navigate through the world.

Defining the map

A map is considered a representation. Its main job is to represent or describe the spatial relationships of the features that map is aimed to represent. Maps have evolved throughout the years and as they did, so did their uses. Now, there are currently many different types of maps, each of which has its own special function and representations, from physical maps to illustrated maps and even climate maps. Maps are able to display specific things like political boundaries, population, natural resources, roads, climates, physical features, topography or elevation, and even economic activities.

The one who makes maps is called a cartographer and the art and study of creating maps is called cartography. Cartography over the years has evolved from making use of paper for basic drawings to getting digitalized and using computers.

One of the most common questions today concerns the globe. Yes, a globe is a map and to add to that, it is one of the most accurate maps ever made because it was made identical to the shape of the earth with is spherical.

There is also what people call a mental map which is not found on any canvass but the mind. These maps exist within the minds of the people and allow them to remember places and directions to help them get somewhere.

With maps however, they may be accepted as precise or accurate but their accuracy is only limited because there is no completely accurate map. But regardless of this, it doesn’t diminish the usefulness of maps.

Fuji Xerox Printers’ Aussie Employees Getting Cut Down

When it comes to printing custom stickers in NZ or anything else anywhere in the world, the name Fuji Xerox is likely to pop up. A global titan with company offices among major countries like the US and Australia.

Speaking of Australia, the printing company’s Australia sector will be cutting down on its staff, with 50 staff members being cut down to a lower number. Out of these employees, only four have been offered new full-time positions, following the integration of Fuji Xerox Printers’ (FXP) into Fuji Xerox Australia.

Reports say that the local FXP staff were informed sometime around February that employees would be offered new positions at Fuji Xerox Australia (FXA), unless they were considered as redundancies, which would go into effect by March’s end.

The news of the integration came on the day immediately preceding Fujifilm Holding’s revelation that they plan to acquire Xerox Corp in a US$6.1 billion transaction, which would combine the US company into their current joint venture in order to increase scale and reach and cut down on costs amid the decline in demand for custom stickers in NZ and office printing.

Naturally, the former employees of FXP in Australia have moved on to other companies, including the company’s competition like Epson, HP and Lexmark, among others, with some migrating to other parts of the printing industry, to other things like custom stickers in NZ, among others.

Fuji Xerox Australia itself refused to comment on the matter regarding their employees. However, some employees have expressed disappointment with the developments, as quite a few of them had been with the company for quite some time.

Notably, FXA has a direct business model, which might make it difficult for FXA customers to get support with regards to Fuji Xerox issues, though the company has stated that it remains committed to ensuring a communicative, sustainable relationship with their resellers and distributors.

That being said, more than 100 of FXP’s local partners were uncertain of what would happen with regards to the new operational structure and business model as a result of the company integration deal.

These developments followed the company’s accounting scandal that rocked its operations across the AU and NZ, which led to $450 mill in loses and top-level board member and executive resignations.

Why Prefer Khao Lak Diving In This Beautiful Paradise

Khao Lak is just an hour-drive from Phuket in the Phang Nga Province of Thailand. It’s a 20-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, and crystal clear seawater on the Andaman coast. The paradise has a growing popularity among travellers who want to see its real beauty and get fascinated by its culture. It’s also noted for the Khao Lak diving which is the best in the area.

Speaking about Khao Lak can be a bit confusing as the appellation often refers to the Bangsak Beach in the north down to the Khao Lak Beach in the south. Khao Lak is often referred to the Nang Tong Beach and the neighbouring La On Village, where you see many resorts, restaurants, bars and shops.

If you want a beach holiday and dislike the high prices, the crowds and sleazy parts of Koh Samui or Phuket, Khao Lak is one place to be at. There are pristine beaches where you find few people strolling, laying or swimming. You can be at the Nang Tong Beach shopping or enjoying a meal. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the beach.

Khao Lak has two highlights, which make great Khao Lak diving off the Surin and Similan Islands. These two islands are noted to be national parks with reefs noted to be the best diving spot in Thailand. In the National Geographic Magazine, they are rated one of the top ten dive spots of the world.

For those searching for culture, you’ll find a few sea gypsy settlements to visit on the island. You can also travel down the nearby Phang-Nga Bay, which was famed by the iconic James Bond movie, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. You also find here the fascinating Koh Panyi, which is an artificial floating island where Muslims live.

Khao Lak accommodation is usually mid-range with few five-star resorts and inexpensive bungalow places. This is a better destination than Phuket where you can enjoy Khao Lak diving. Its nightlife around Bang La On is also something to look after as you don’t need to be sleazy or rowdy. Khao Lak is perfect for family vacations.


Increased Federal Funding For Disease Control And Prevention

High frequency sound waves are emitted by mosquito repeller ultrasonic which is intolerable to insects. However, make sure that the ultrasonic mosquito repellent is placed properly because the sound waves can be blocked by furniture and home décor. You need to test the proper location to determine where the sound waves are pretty active.

According to the latest figures from US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Americans who got sick due to mosquito, flea and tick bites have more than tripled between 2004 and 2016. The increase within a very short period of time is staggering and unprecedented. Unfortunately, the United States is unprepared because funding for public health efforts on state and local levels have been gradually decreasing. The problem is further worsened by flat federal funding.

According to Dr. Ashish Jha director of Harvard Global health Institute, it is pretty clear that the phenomenon is occurring due to climate change. High temperatures usually result into a disease outbreak. Mosquitoes migrate to new areas because of the changing environment. There are longer insect seasons, increase in populations and large areas for mosquito, flea and tick habitats.

Results of the CDC study also revealed that only 16% of vector control organizations have programs that focus on the prevention and control of disease outbreaks. The organizations have the training, resources and programs to adequately battle the increasing onslaught of insect-borne dissects.

Another threat according to Oscar Alleyne, senior adviser for public health programs at the National Association of County and City Health Officials is the widespread failure to test insect resistance to various types of pesticides. If the insects are resistant to a certain pesticide, their population is not reduced by the chemicals used for pest control. It often takes a panic before Congress decides provide funding for effective pest control.

In the meantime, people have to undertake the necessary steps to avoid diseases associated to mosquito and insect bites. Residents can use mosquito repeller ultrasonic, mosquito repellent wristbands and deet-free mosquito repellers that are suitable for all ages. They also need to clean yards to minimize the risks of diseases.