New Zealand As A Unique Business Event Destination

Business conferences are very important because it facilitates communication. While conference calls have become the recent trend, a personal face-to-face meet up of executives from different geographical locations can be vital to the success of a business. However, it is important to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting by seeking the assistance of conference management services.

International business events have delivered more than $310 million to the economy of New Zealand. Over the last few years, Tourism New Zealand managed to bring in almost 100,000 people to the country because the government invested $34 million with the department to attract meetings and conferences.

New Zealand has been performing extremely well as unique destination for business events. The estimated value from all the conference bids that have been won in the current fiscal year is $39.7 million plus another $33 million which is expected from secured incentive businesses.

New Zealand has built a reputation in the industry for working together in the creation of memorable events which is required by international events organizers. When a conference is well managed, delegates are encouraged to attend. This is the approach used by events management New Zealand to win bids in the global stage.

The economic advantages of business events for a region are quite significant because delegates usually stay an average of 6 nights in New Zealand and spend an average of $2,009 per person. The most recent business events bidding wins include International Association for the History of Religions that will be hosted in Dunedin in the spring of 2020 and Native American and Indigenous Studies Association that will be hosted by Hamilton in early June 2019.

New Zealand’s star as a conference venue is rising. The country rose by four places in the world listing. To meet the demand, new convention centresare being developed in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

If the conference your business is hosting is for international visitors, conference management services are indispensable. A professional must manage the event from conception up to completion to encourage attendance. Conference managers for the event will focus their attention to detail and will offer you a range of solutions to ensure the success of the event.

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