Marine Protection Group Requested By Go Eco Phuket

Go Eco Phuket, a local conservation group, has already sent a petition to the Phuket government to create a task force that will handle the marine protection in the island. The request came after they saw that officials are not planning to take action. Go Eco Phuket addressed the petition to NorraphatPlodthong, the governor of the island. It was received by the Office of the Ombudsman at Damrongdhama Center which is located inside the Provincial Hall. The conservation group believes that the marine life in private spa resort in Phuket as well as the other tourist spots in the island should be taken care of.

IttiputSchadt, the secretary of Go Eco Phuket, said that they contacted officials as well as the local police to take action after photo was taken of a diver sitting over a coral but no actions. No charges were filed against the male diver because, according to them, they do not have sufficient evidence.

This is not the only case as there are many cases that failed after submitting to them while many others are still pending. He added that they find it hard to cooperate with officials when it comes to preserving the marine environment.

Mr. Ittiput emphasized that they have exerted a lot of efforts already and it has come to a point where the governor of Phuket, NorraphatPlodthong, should know about the issues.

They are demanding that the government should develop a group of officials coming from various departments such as Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command, Tourism Business and Guide Registration Office, Phuket Marine Office, Go Eco Phuket, Marine Police, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Labour Office should be organizes in order to handle cases involving marine preservation.

Mr. Ittiput said that they have been operating for five years to protect marine life close to private spa resort in Phuket and other resorts in the island but they also require support. He reminded the officials about their duties of protecting the forest as well as the environment as per the orders from the National Council for Peace and Order.

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