India Startup Companies In Wedding Industry

Wedding planning is never easy wherever you are in the world. Take for example Australia where couples have to book for marquee hire in Sydney and pay for many vendors while also making sure that every detail is taken care of. The costs are not the same as before too. The pressures could pile up and cause stress on the couple’s end therefore these startups in India developed innovative solutions to help Indian couples plan their wedding day.

  • Wedeterna. This was established in 2016 in Kochi. The app makes it possible for a person to find their other half through arrange wedding. The online platform aims to help one get an arranged marriage the traditional way but without the hassle. This way, the bride or groom gets to choose who they can marry instead of relying on their elders.
  • Shaadisaga. It was launched in 2014 by HimanshuKapsime together with Manish Grag, both of whom are graduates from IIT Delhi. Vendors are arranged based on their category such as makeup artists, wedding photographers and decors. Every category consists of a number of vendors. Aside from the products and services offered, they also published a blog related to weddings.
  • Wedding brigade. The online portal was made available to public in 2014 and it is headquartered in Mumbai. This is during a time when there are only a number of startups in the industry. The company became even bolder after receiving money of Rs 10 crore. The services offered by the company are not only all over India but it reaches all over the globe too.
  • ForMyShaadi. It was only two years ago when SudhaMaheshwari launched the website. It acts as a gift registry for couples online. At the beginning, the company received an initial funding of $100,000. Now it has partnered with more than 60 brands which also take a percentage of their revenue for every sale.

Aside from technology, couples can also ask help from family and friends. In Australia, when they need to find a company of marquee hire in Sydney and run to other errands, the workload is divided to avoid too much pressure from the couples.

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