Inbound Marketing Statistics Every Businessman Should Know

If you are in the field of business or entrepreneurship, you might be familiar with inbound marketing. There are many who have tried the method and found it effective, there are those who are yet to try with a burning question in mind, will it increase my revenue and not just look good in theory?

This is what many businessmen are after, the bigger picture. There are many things that one should know about inbound marketing but the most important is that you know how this method will help your business by making an impact. Here are three of the most important statistics involving inbound marketing.

Inbound campaigns result to higher return of investment (ROI). Every type of marketing requires some form of spending and this is what makes inbound marketing the most special among them. Companies are able to have higher return of investment. In fact, according to statistics they are able to achieve three times more before inbound marketing. If you are aiming to get the ROI you dream of, buying an ad space from the bus stop company will not cut it. Keep in mind that inbound marketing is good to be paired with outbound marketing though.

Conversion rate is higher. If you are getting leads then that is good news but what CEO would like to see is those leads filling up the form that are provided on the website. The main focus of businesses is not the leads but the actual customers that came from those leads. If sales is to increase, it will follow that revenue will also increase. According to statistics, around 42.2 per cent of companies that are employing inbound marketing have experienced an increase in their conversion rate with regards to lead to sales.

Marketing will help businesses save money. Many might question the investment they are making as they get higher sales as well as an increase in ROI. According to statistics, if companies are to invest more in inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing, they are able to save an average of $20,000 every year. This is a huge amount if you take into consideration the positive effect that inbound marketing is doing for your revenue. To achieve these statistics on your own company, hire crewdo.


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