How Women Can Rewrite The Rulebook

After winning the Democratic nomination, Hilary Clinton is one step towards being the first woman president of the United States. If Hilary Clinton wins the presidency, her polices will be under close scrutiny particularly on how they affect women. Achieving gender equality remains to be a dream considering that only 4.2% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. The number of female senators in the US is barely 20%.

At the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year event, Margaret Heffernan, a businesswoman and writer talked about some moments of her career where she played a game that was actually designed for men. It is tough to play a men’s game but instead of trying the climb the corporate ladder, a better option for the female population is to rewrite the rulebook. Women can run their own business and not wait for men to make the changes. Women who are in leadership roles whether in business, government or the third sector must make sure to support women and build an environment that will be supportive to the female population. Female CEO’s can help women by hiring and promoting them. They should also consider how their actions will affect their employees particularly women.

Technology has helped in creating new entrepreneurs but it is also threatening some of the jobs that women use to hold. Because of the internet, people can work anywhere they want to according to their own time but it also being used to automate different jobs like administrative work that is traditionally done by women staff. According to predictions, 40% of the American workforce will be working as freelancers. While online jobs reduce unemployment rates, it can also be detrimental to women because of less pay and lack of job security. Technology opens many opportunities but is can be a threat to low-earning jobs. How can a balance be created?

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