How To Avoid Dishonest Sydney Removals

NSW Fair Trading cautions the public to do away with Sydney removals Bustamove Removals, which operates between Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The agency has acquired more than forty complaints about the company – a long list of faults includes losing and breaking of items, failure to arrive at scheduled time, or failing to arrive at all.

Bustamove had also engaged in classical swindling: keeping items for an extra fee, altering delivery time with no notification, holding the goods as hostage, and asking for additional charges to pay for storage cost before delivering it finally. The Sydney removals company also missed to furnish contracts and receipts when requested.

Bustamove Removals is expected to have a collective financial detriment of $69,000 to consumers.

According to Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe, “Damage to goods during a move is bad. Furthermore, they lost belongings, failed to deliver on time, and failed to provide important requisites under the Australian Consumer Law.”

How to Prevent Scamming from Removalists

  • Do Thorough Research


  • Shop for Sydney removals company by reading first hand reviews and checking with previous and current clients how they did the job.
  • Ask people close to you to recommend a trusted removalists that they were happy with the services.
  • Check if the removalist is accredited with AFRA. If they are, they have met the standards aimed at protecting customers.


  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Know the total price of the move.
  • What exactly is the price inclusive? Do they offer a flat rate or charge by hour?
  • Do they include additional fees?
  • How long does the move take?
  • If delays are made within a day, will it include extra fees for storage?


  • Obtain an Accurate Quote
  • Get a detailed quote after obtaining more information about the move.
  • Ensure the quote itemizes the move and that the Sydney removals can account for every charge.
  • Ensure everything is clear about their services before acknowledging the quote.


  • Secure a Contract that Spells Out the Agreement


  • Ensure there is complete details about the service
  • What time it will be picked up and where to send the move
  • A listing of all household items to move
  • Insurance details just in case of damages or losses.

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