How Much Does The Best Alcohol Rehab Cost?

The best alcohol rehab program will come in various price range. It will usually depend on several different factors, which include the ones listed below:

  • Type of Alcohol Rehab Facility

Public alcohol rehab centers operated by the government and non-profit organizations are usually cheaper than the private alcohol rehab facilities. The private rehab can include all basic luxury facilities that may offer spa-like conveniences.

  • Inpatient Versus Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient alcohol rehab is generally cheaper than inpatient or residential alcohol rehab. The increased cost is important to cover all the expenses of housing the alcoholics during the treatment. They need to be in the best alcohol rehab center so they can recover.

  • Methods of Treatment

The price for the alcohol rehab will depend on the treatment methods done to an alcoholic. For instance, if the patient opts for rapid detox services, it will cost him around $5000 or even more. Furthermore, his medication, visits to experts and alternative treatment methods can add up to the final cost of the alcohol rehab.

  • Duration

How long an alcoholic will stay in the best alcohol rehab center will affect the final price for his rehabilitation. Not surprisingly, long-term rehab programs starting from three months and onwards may be very effective, however, they come with more expenses.

Knowing the Actual Price for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The most expensive types of alcohol rehab are the inpatient programs. The price for undergoing such program will include the accommodation, including daily meals and the bed. According to studies, alcohol rehab is estimated at $715 per day.

Knowing the Actual Price for Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

The outpatient alcohol rehab is more affordable than inpatient treatments as there is no need for accommodations. The estimated cost for a traditional outpatient rehab is $135. For more intensive outpatient treatments, they may cost a bit higher.

The Benefits of Insurance

It will surely help the alcoholic and his family if the alcohol rehab program is covered by insurance. Insurance will cover the entire expenses of the best alcohol rehab program, especially if the alcoholic will take more time to recover. If he doesn’t have insurance, he may resort to other alternatives which are currently provided by the government.

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