How A Bus From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Takes You Conveniently To This City?

If you’re thinking of visiting Thailand with the whole family for recreation and entertainment, then Chiang Mai aside from Bangkok can be an ideal place. Once the plan has been finalized, your next step is to consider the best means of transportation. If you are travelling from a different country, the best ways to travel to Thailand is by plane, which can take you to its capital, Bangkok. Here you can see the international airport with various means of communications to any part of the country. If you reach Bangkok and want to go to Chiang Mai directly, you can travel by bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, which will only take you nine hours of land trip.

If you’re travelling with family, you will need travel to Chiang Mai on a bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, especially for their safety and convenience. Though the fastest way to travel here is through a plane, you can see how much you can save when you travel by land. Certainly, there is the train, which is also a popular choice for commuting. It can take you ten to eleven hours travel by railway to Chiang Mai. For the buses, you will need to head to the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, where you get to choose between air-conditioned and non-air conditioned. The bus tickets are fairly priced and the public buses are really reliable.

You can also travel through a car for hire when going to Chiang Mai. You will need to route highways 1, 32, 117 and 11 to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok. If you want to travel by express trains, you can head on to the Hua Lamphog rail station and travel to Chiang Mai. The express trains offer cheap fares for travellers as they are considered public transportations. If you want the sleeper classes of the train, you need to book in advance as they sell out easily. If you want to return to your home country through Chiang Mai, ensure you are booked in a plane ticket for accommodation. For some, they return to Bangkok to fly back to their homeland.

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