Hard Coverings For Hard Floors

Let’s just say that on the surface, it does not look as hard as it really is. The epoxy-based concrete floor covering products carry the registered trademark that reassures business and property owners that the next flooring system they’ll be producing is rock-solid and secure. High quality material has been used, and the system produced is pretty durable. Business and property owners also enjoy the fact that this is a flooring system that allows them to clean and maintain their floors a lot more easily and, let’s just say; cheaply.

But probably know what has been said before; beware of cheap imitations. Not in this line. Tiles, paint and sealants have proved to be a lot more costly and cumbersome, inconvenient, right down to the last crack or peel. The seamless system that has been produced has created an iron-like bond to the floors’ concrete. And just because it’s commercial, doesn’t mean that it cannot be aesthetic. Rich and attractive finishes have been produced.

They easily handle spills and stains. Epoxy material coating does not fade from UV exposure. Nothing pretentious but the result is a youthful appearance for years to come. The floor covering process begins like this. Concrete is prepared mechanically. This makes sure that no contaminates are able to interfere with the bond created between the bond coat and the concrete substrate. The coating material is allowed to penetrate deep into the material.

concrete floor covering products

Once a curing process is completed, an encapsulation process follows. This is a thick, chemical and UV resistant topcoat. This topcoat is designed to encapsulate the media, resulting in a rich, tough, and beautifully finished flooring system, incidentally in any color of your choice. Hard covering for hard floors. This time floors that never crack or peel.