What Happened To Black Friday 2014 Mobile Sales?

Online sales for Black Friday 2014 were an astounding success with a 20.6% increase over the previous year. This overwhelming success for US ecommerce sites was driven by mobile shopping and marketing campaigns. According to Custora E-commerce Pulse that is tracking the performance of 100 US online retail stores, over $40 billion was generated by ecommerce sites and 30.3% happened through mobile phones and devices. Statistics showed an increase of 22.5% over the 2013 Black Friday mobile sales.

Email marketing as the force behind Black Friday mobile sales

Everyone though that social media will be the driving force behind the astounding success of Black Friday mobile sales with all those tweets and social media sharing but it seemed that social media is not yet the platform for sales. Email marketing was the channel that drove sales up by 27.3% in retail with 18.9% originating from free search and 18.5% from paid search. Email marketing is a strategy that puts a message directly to the target audience. It is highly individualized and costs are relatively low. What emails do is to increase the engagement with potential customers by presenting the benefits that they will likely gain.

The battle between iPhones and Android phones

Based on the Custora report, 76.8% of mobile shopping was done through iPhone and Apple devices while only 22.7% happened on Android devices. Apple continues to dominate the American market however, the share of Android phones in the Black Friday sales were up by 15.8%. Notwithstanding the fact, that Apple and Android phones will continue to battle it out for supremacy in the mobile market, what seems more important for ecommerce sites is to optimize their sites for any platform so that they do not lose any opportunity to make a sale. Responsive website design ensures a web browsing capability that looks the same across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Internet traffic from mobile phones has showed a significant increase and many mobile users are getting comfortable using their mobile devices to browse through sites. It is foolhardy for any ecommerce site not to shift from a conventional website to a responsive web design through Exact Latitude, SEO Los Angeles.

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