Google Plans ForAustralian Landmark Headquarters Still Uncertain

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Sydney has become very interesting to foreign investors. In fact, US tech giant Google is looking for a landmark headquarters in Australia after its plan to set up a headquarters in a disused railway yard located on the edge of Sydney’s CBD was turned down by New South Wales government. The proposal was to redevelop a land adjacent to Carriageworks rail sheds at Eveleigh where Google can build its tech hub. However, the proposal was rejected after it failed the “uniqueness test.”

In order to pass the “uniqueness test” the plan must not be replicated by a competitor. Unfortunately, the unsolicited proposal of developer Mirvac was the same method used by James Parker’s Crown when it built its casino in Barangaroo. It was also the plan used by Macquarie Bank in its massive integrated office development in Martin Place.

In the later part of 2015, Mirvac managed to win a bid for the redevelopment of an adjacent 14 hectare Redfern site including the Australian Technology Park. At the same time, Australian tech giant Atlassian was backing up the proposal of Walker Corporation for a technology hub in the area.

Google has pulled out the plans of building an Australian headquarters on the disused White Bay power station which is 2 kilometres west of CBD because the government failed to deliver the important transport infrastructure to ensure that the site will be feasible. Google has not made a comment on any proposed projects.

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