Factors To Considering To Select A Meeting Venue

Bangkok is the financial capital of Thailand and is home to many of the regional offices of MNCs in the country. Owing to the popularity of Bangkok, many of the companies choose the city for conducting meetings and conferences. The city has a host of meeting and conference venues to suit the requirements of different clients.

If you are planning to conduct an event in Bangkok and are wondering about selecting the right venue to make your event successful, here are some tips to pick the right venue. You can choose dedicated conference and training venues or opt to book hotels with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit and other parts of the city.

  1. Location – Location is an important factor to consider while picking the venue for your meeting. Select a location that is well connected to the airport and other parts of the city. Bangkok has heavy rush hour traffic which is difficult to Select a venue close to the MRT and BTS stations. This makes it easier to the invitees to commute to the venue. Choose a hotel with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit, which is close to the sky train stations and is easier to access.
  2. Size – Determine the guest list before selecting a venue. The venue should not be too big or too small. Select a good venue which can accommodate all the guests comfortably.
  3. Amenities – Select a venue that offers good amenities. If you are organizing meeting for a couple of days, it is better to book a hotel with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit that offers attractive packages for corporate guests.
  4. Meeting equipment and facilities – The meeting venue should have all the modern facilities, like Wi-Fi, audio visual equipment, wireless microphones and video conferencing facilities.
  5. Parking – The selected venue for meeting should have ample parking facilities to accommodate the vehicles of all the invitees.
  6. Food – The venue should provide suitable catering options to suit the requirements of the guests. Most of the meeting venues provide links of the caterers or have their in-house catering teams to serve the guests. You can also book hotels with meeting room facilities in Sukhumvit that provide a wide range of dining options and attractive meeting packages for the clients.

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