Eye Surgery Services To Be Stopped In Six Optimax Clinics

When we encounter problems in our eyesight that needs immediate correction, laser eye surgery Liverpool is probably the best way to resolve it. All around the world, laser eye surgery has helped countless of people with their eye problems. But in the UK, six clinics of the High Street chain, Optimax, which specializes in laser eye surgery, will stop providing refractive surgery procedures.

According to reports, the announcement came after a speculation that the group had been discussing the potential closure of 10 of their 28 clinics. The six clinics that will be stopping their refractive surgery services are said to be the ones in Chester, Hull, Ipswich, Croydon, Nottingham and Southend. There is also a speculation that the aftercare services will also be stopping in the coming months.

Optimax, has however, promised to provide aftercare services to their patients who will be affected by the decision that is why they do not expect their patients and clients to be inconvenienced by it.

Earlier this July, a rival chain had announced that they will also provide aftercare services to the patients of Optimax who will be affected by the discontinuing of their refractive surgery procedures. According to David Moulsdale, the chief executive of Optical Express, even though these patients had been treated by a different clinic, they still feel the responsibility of helping them since they are the market leaders. He also added that all of the patients of Optical Express have been happy and satisfied with their work and have gone on referring them to other people. This is also the reason as to why they have chosen to help the patients of Optimax; to spread goodwill and recommendations.

Optical Express has offered the Optimax patients a first appointment that would include all diagnostic testing, a consultation with an optometrist and if it is ever needed, a surgeon.

Optimax has neither denied nor acknowledged the rumors of their closure although it would not come as a surprise to many seeing that refractive eye surgery has been highlighted negatively by the media which would also include an active which Optical Express is also involved in.

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