Employment Could Result From Reduced Furniture Waste

The furniture industry in the EU is currently taking into actions principles that guide the circular economy. They are taking these steps with the help of remanufacturing as well as refurbishing. When this turns out to be a success, they will be able to have around 157,000 employment opportunities. Aside from that, the EU will also be able to cut back the CO2 production by six million tones. These data are provided by the EEB or European Environmental Bureau. Australia is also doing the same initiative by selling cheap furniture packages in Perth instead of dumping them into landfills.

The EEB is a network of environments groups in Europe which is comprised of 140 members all over 30 countries. The most recent study was conducted by the EEB while the compilation was accomplished by the Eunomia Research & Consultancy. The study was able to expand further on the alternative policies that could be done in order to decrease the amount of waste as well as to manage the resources effectively with regards to the furniture industry in Europe.

According to the study, the initiative will make it possible to recover value, positively impact the growth of the economy and create more jobs. Aside from these benefits, the initiative will also help fight the degradation that is currently happening in our environment and will help manage resources in the most effective manner.

Annually, it is estimated that around 10.5 million tones of furniture are being sold in the European market and majority of them are manufactured by SMEs. At the same time, around 10 million tons of furniture is also discarded. The report said that majority of the discarded furniture, used by either consumers or businesses are sent to incinerators or landfills.

The issue is made worst by the fact that there are several challenges that the furniture industry in Europe is currently facing. One of these is the increase in material costs and the low turnover with regards to the workforce. They are also struggling because of the tight competition. This is the reason why cheap furniture packages in Perth are made possible in order to combat these competitions.

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