Elite Office Furniture UK To Relocate

Elite Office Furniture UK is considered as one of the largest producer of office furniture in Britain. The company is now preparing to relocate their head of operations into a facility that has the latest and state of the art technology. The company’s current headquarters is located in Goole, Yorkshire and they have been planning to relocate for quite a while already. They are now on the finalization stage and the work is expected to be done by April of 2017.

Elite Office Furniture UK was established in 1986 and it only started with 12 employees working for the company. In more than three decades of operation, it has become a multi-million-pound company with more than 130 employees under its care. Apart from the fact that the business wants to grow, there is another reason why the company is moving into a new facility and that is because they are planning to expand.

Goole is located in M62 at the junction 36 with an area of 225,000. The office building is a three-storey block while the manufacturing is a single storey building. According to the construction’s project manager, Del Eddy, the current site has seen an expansion for the sixth time but they have already reached the maximum capacity of the location thus further expansion is no longer possible. There is no question when it comes to fast manufacturing proves but the challenge now lies with storage.

The office block is located at the southern part of the site. The offices will only be located at the ground floor and the remaining second and third floors will be dedicated for the showroom. They have already talked with a number of dealers who can access the showrooms if they need to show the manufactured products by the company. The company is nationwide so the dealers have the option to use their showroom in London or the ones in the head office wherein they will be given a chance to see the manufacturing processes done at the new facility. Different companies may have different process such as the how office furniture in New Zealand is manufactured may be different from the UK.

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