How To Eliminate Flea Infestations

Fleas are a nuisance to humans and pets alike, and unfortunately, it can only be effectively dealt with by professional methods that can eliminate them by finding out the source of the problem. A pest control in Brisbane would be able to put a stop to these disease-carriers quickly through an odourless and environmentally friendly chemical spray, which prevents their return by also destroying the next generation of fleas whose eggs are waiting to hatch.

Fleas feed on warm blood and hence they can be found on household pets such as cats and dogs where they will comfortably reside in the animal’s fur for an extended periods of time. Fleas are tiny creatures with a length from 1.5mm to 4mm with a brown coloured body that is oval-shaped from the side and flat from the top. They are pests that can crawl and leap great distances which are how they travel from one food source to another. Fleas also enjoy warm and humid weather which is why they thrive during the spring and summer seasons.

Like most parasites, a failure to deal with them at their source means that they can easily multiply and cause an infestation which will lead to even more problems in the future. An experienced pest control professional would use a proper flea and pest control approach that eliminates them and keeps them away for good. People need to know that not only do fleas can make life a misery for both pets and their owners, they are bloodsucking parasites that can cause itchiness and rashes. In extreme cases, they can also transmit diseases such as typhus and the Bubonic plague!

As with other types of pest infestations, treatments and half-hearted efforts at eradication will, at best, only cause the fleas to adapt. This is why engaging a service for pest control in Brisbane is recommended for thorough flea control. Services would include taking full advantage of recent advances in chemical technology for organic flea control, leaving your home or business completely protected and safe from both fleas and toxins. A thorough inspection is done both in the interior and exterior of your premises to determine the degree of flea infestation before a treatment could be applied. This treatment would then be performed and this normally consists of specific sprays or powders that would be administered to all susceptible areas such as skirting boards, in and around furniture, carpets and even grassed areas and garden beds.

There may be confusion between fleas and bed bugs in a common domestic situation as the bites from both these pests can be similar. However, your pest control in Brisbane would be able to determine the specific pest infestation and propose the right treatment to keep your family home safe and pest-free.

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