About eBeninois Mag

Patient Atcho

Patient Atcho (Founder eBeninois Mag)

How eBeninois Mag Started


The eBeninois Mag started with Patient Atcho and his vision to have an avenue where all the different business industries will meet. Admit it or not, different industries have their own focus. And while the market is a huge variation of all sorts of businesses and industries, he yearned for a platform where all of these businesses will collide with each other. In addition to that, he yearned for the general public’s better understanding of the industry.


When eBeninois Mag started, it was meant to house different industries and what they could provide the people. But with an ever-changing market and different dynamic industries that make up that market, it will have to be more than that.


Building eBeninois Team


One thing is for sure. If Atcho wants to achieve more than just providing people with information about different industries, he will need an excellent team who could tackle diverse business industries and how their operations go. But more than that, his team should be made up of experts who have access to the latest movements in different industries, specifically on business and economy, which may or may not affect economic stability. And this is exactly what Patient Atcho did, not only to accomplish his vision, but to go beyond that.


Simplifying Complicated Business Industry


Throughout eBeninois Mag’s existence, it cannot be denied that a lot of people regard business and economics as complicated. With a lot of numbers involved and different marketing strategies used by frontline companies, eBeninois Mag acknowledges the difficulties that the general public has when trying to understand business and economics. eBeninois Mag features articles and editorials which include up-to-date news about different business sectors in a form that will be more understandable by people in general. eBeninois Mag is not only for top executives of companies but also for the consumers who benefit from the products of the different companies.