Durham City Homes Gets Green Lights For Installation Of Parking Areas And Driveways

Good news to come in Durham City Homes! They are getting the budget and the go signal to make driveways and parking areas in each of the houses contained in the DCH.

S officer patrols stroll around the areas occupied by the Durham City Homes; Framwell Moor and Pity Me; they found out about the uncomfortable parking positions of vehicles beside the streets and in used pavements. The council designated for the improvement of the DCH driveways has been battling for the allocation of funds that will fix this issue. They claimed to have constantly reminded the higher ranked personnel about this matter. And now they are assured about the finality of the positive outcome.

The houses located in Lilac and Kirby Avenue that is found in Framwell Moor together with those that are located in Pity Me; Hudspeth Crescent and The Avenue; will get the compensation for the installation of driveways and parking areas. There will be a total of 52 houses to get this project benefit that will commence soon. For particularity, the Hudspeth Crescent will have two parking areas that are four spaced.

Liberal Democrat head of offices, Mark Wilkes, Amanda Hopgood and Mamie Simmons, donated to the whole project. They got the approval of the public to contribute some of their community money so that it the whole venture will not lack money and will continue until everything is done. Mr. Wilkes shared their concern about their area not getting the rightful share of funding. They said to have always looked for ways to improve this aspect of their community and with the allocated budget now they are expecting betterment of the parking ways.

The exact amount given for the whole installment of parking areas and driveways is £125,000; and the council donated £10,000. All in all they have £135,000 for the project. It is said to start in January and will be in the process of finishing for a few months. They will get their funds in the Housing Revenue Account in Durham. Everyone is expecting to see further positive changes in their community in the years to come.

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