Dunwoody Entrepreneur Creates Team-Building Business With Food

Dunwoody resident Paul McKeon has made a name for himself in the region for his entrepreneurial endeavors, and now he is adding another.

After his successful marketing and public relations firms, McKeaon has established ‘Team Building With Taste’, a culmination of its founder’s marketing expertise and inclinations for food. Co-founded by McKeon and another entrepreneur and foodie, Jack Gerblick, TBWT is a culinary spin on one of the rising aspects of today’s businesses.

In the modern corporate environment, where working together is now more important than ever, worker cohesion is now being developed, with higher ups devoting the same amount of time in training job skills and corporate know-how, as to fun team building activities. However, few of these types of activities take advantage of any interests commonly shared by participants.

TBWT, aims for something considered universal for humans: food.  Sharing food is considered as one of the most unifying human activities in the world. Any party host can attest; food brings people together to one spot.

McKeon and Gerblick had already owned a large commercial food kitchen they started a while back, ‘The Food Movement’, the first of its kind in the region. When the duo expanded into corporate team-building four years ago, the venture boomed, and has now become the focus for the two entrepreneurs.

McKeon has stated that companies across the country are looking for different types of events, looking for an effective way to get their employees to connect and bond with one another, a demand brought upon with the recent rise of remotely-working Americans. McKeon adds that nothing helps people get close than slicing onions, chopping garlic and enjoying food together.

Both men had prior experience with sales and marketing, and had seen firsthand the importance of good employee cohesion, and what was needed in order to get to that. Both were also familiar with the popularity of cooking competitions shows, and food-related endeavors in general. They simply needed a way to make it all work.

In TBWT, cooking competitions are treated as fun team building activities, with employees team up and make a plate under the guidance of three executive chefs and several other sous chefs.

McKeon states that TBWT mimic a day in the office in a creative way, ideas like risk-reward trade-offs, interruptions, and the like still get employees thinking about ways to make a difference, and get themselves and their team to stand out in a positive way.

TBWY offers more than corporate team building, with packages aimed at private gatherings and the like.

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