Different Uses Of Magnets

Lodestone or magnets were discovered by our ancestors. They were used in different activities like medicine and simple machinery by Indians, Chinese and Greeks. Earlier only natural magnets were used but the advancements in technology, made it possible to manufacture magnets in various shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of magnetism.

Now-a-days, magnets in Brisbane are available in different sizes ranging from invisible specks to huge industrial magnets which weigh in hundreds of tons. They are found in all the devices we use in day-to-day life. Magnets are found in simple items like toys, fridge magnets, and credit cards to complex machinery like MRI machines, computer hardware and complex industrial machinery. While the magnets in some machines are visible, others are tucked inside the mechanical fittings and do their job silently.

Some of the devices that use magnets in Brisbane are

  1. Computers and electronic equipment

Magnets are used in computers to store data in hard drives. Magnets are also used in the speakers of computers, televisions and radios. The magnet and a wire coil placed inside the speakers convert the electronic signals into sound vibrations.

  1. Generation of power

Magnets play an important role in power generation. The magnets in Brisbane present in the electrical generators convert mechanical energy into electricity. Magnets also help to convert electricity to mechanical energy and run motors.

  1. Industrial uses

Magnets have a number of industrial uses. They form important parts of huge industrial equipment and motors. Recycling industry used electrically powered magnets in Brisbane to move huge pieces of metal. Magnets are used in mining industry to separate metallic ores from crushed rock and other impurities. Magnets are also used in food processing industry to trap small pieces of metals from food items.

  1. Healthcare

Magnets were used in healthcare from ancient times. They were used in acupressure to relieve aches and pains. Modern healthcare equipment like MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine uses magnetic fields to create detailed pictures of the bones and organs of our body. Some doctors use magnets to treat cancer.

  1. At home

Magnets are found everywhere in our homes. They are used in simple toys and fridge magnets that attach to the fridge door. A variety of household devices like phones, door bells, vacuum cleaners, blenders, washing machines etc. contain magnets in Brisbane that function silently to make these devices operate efficiently.

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