Details Required For Filing Tax ID Application In Ohio

IRS issues tax identification numbers for different business organizations depending on their structure. The tax ID number usually changes, when a business changes its structure. The EIN consists of nine numbers and is issued to different organizations such as sole proprietorship, trusts, different types of corporations, partnership, church, not for profit organizations and estate of the deceased.

The owner of the business, trustee of a trust or a responsible party for a corporation will be issued an EIN. Consult a good consultant to know how to get a tax ID in Ohio. Application for EIN is available online and can be submitted using the SS-4 form.

An EIN or Employee identification number is very essential to required for hiring employees, operating corporation and partnership firms, opening bank accounts for the business, obtaining other local licenses and permits, establishing the status of independent contractor and for filing annual tax returns of the business. If you are a new entrepreneur and do not know how to get a tax ID in Ohio, you can consult a reputed consultant to help you through the process.

The application form for tax ID number requires certain details like

  • the legal name of the entity as mentioned in the legal formation paperwork
  • the names of the responsible party or the principal officer responsible for controlling and managing the funds and assets of the business
  • The physical business address of the organization. The address should not be a PO Box but the exact address of the company.
  • mailing address, where you will be able to receive mail
  • Contact Email and a valid phone number to reach you in case of any errors in the application form.

Keep the required information ready and it is easy to fill up the application for a tax ID in OHIO.

If you are still confused about how to get a tax ID in Ohio, consult a reputed consultant. They will act as a third party for your application and get all the formalities required for obtaining the tax ID done on your behalf. Select an experienced consultant and be assured that your EIN number will be delivered at your doorstep.

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