Defining The Ever Useful Map

One of the oldest and most common objects that people see today is the map. Maps can be probably seen every day as people use them for travel and refer to them very often. The map is a common object that we don’t probably think about much often. It’s just one of the things that have always been there. But did you know that the very act of making maps is one of the things that had made humans standout from other creatures of this planet? It’s true. What made people exceptional is their ability to create maps that helped them navigate through the world.

Defining the map

A map is considered a representation. Its main job is to represent or describe the spatial relationships of the features that map is aimed to represent. Maps have evolved throughout the years and as they did, so did their uses. Now, there are currently many different types of maps, each of which has its own special function and representations, from physical maps to illustrated maps and even climate maps. Maps are able to display specific things like political boundaries, population, natural resources, roads, climates, physical features, topography or elevation, and even economic activities.

The one who makes maps is called a cartographer and the art and study of creating maps is called cartography. Cartography over the years has evolved from making use of paper for basic drawings to getting digitalized and using computers.

One of the most common questions today concerns the globe. Yes, a globe is a map and to add to that, it is one of the most accurate maps ever made because it was made identical to the shape of the earth with is spherical.

There is also what people call a mental map which is not found on any canvass but the mind. These maps exist within the minds of the people and allow them to remember places and directions to help them get somewhere.

With maps however, they may be accepted as precise or accurate but their accuracy is only limited because there is no completely accurate map. But regardless of this, it doesn’t diminish the usefulness of maps.

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