How Condo Projects Reshaped The Commercial Landscape Of Toronto

From January 2015 to June of this year, at least 97 condo projects with a total of 26,750 units sprouted in the city of Toronto to meet the demands of 100,000 people who flock to city every year. However, the development of condo projects has reshaped the commercial and retail landscape of the city. It was inevitable for some local business to be caught in the crossfire of residential development.

Some of the local businesses that have been in the city for quite a while were displaced from the popular bar that was the favorite of beer connoisseurs to the diner that is widely known for its Western sandwiches. On the other hand, the small businesses that stayed will gain many opportunities for new markets and new customers.

Bar Volo was a pioneer in the craft beer craze but it is closing its doors for the last time due to a condo project with 528 units. Lovers of the craft beer will have to walk for 5 minutes to reach the new location of the bar at 528 Church St. Tomas Morano who is a co-owner of the bar thinks that development is good for the city but it is changing the feel of the neighborhoods.

The Big Slice, a downtown pizzeria has fed countless numbers of hungry Ryerson students for the last 45 years but it is closing this spring to make way for two proposed condo towers. The loyal customers of the pizza joint as mourning the loss of their favorite Toronto landmark but it might re-open somewhere nearby.

The Canadiana Backpackers Inn is a popular spot in the entertainment district but it will soon be replaced by 40-storey condo towers with 426 units. Jim’s Restaurant that specialized in Western sandwiches is also slated to close because of a condo project that will be developed on the neighborhood.

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