Cleaning Spray Available At Tesco Can Be Used At Any Angle

A new invention is to be introduced by TESCO under its household spray cleaner category. These sprays can be used at whichever angle you desire to make sure every last bit of liquid is squeezed out for use.

The supermarket giant recognizes that it is one of the most frustrating things for people working household chores – not being able to use all the cleaning fluid as the bottle is almost finished. Many are not happy with the fact that they can’t use every last drops since they paid for it.

A typical trigger spray bottle consists of only one hole located at the end of the tube. For the spray to work, the hole must be immersed in cleaning fluid.

The new spray coming from Tesco is called Anyway Spray and uses a special material where in there are millions of tiny holes thus users can spray up to the last drops.

The cleaning fluid must by touching at least a part of the tube in order for the spray to work. The bottle can be used in any angle to make sure every last drop is utilized.

The British invention is considered to be ground breaking but the catch is that it can only be bought exclusively at Tesco outlets and will only be utilized for trigger spray cleaning brands under the Tesco label. According to the retailer, customers will be able to save a lot when it comes to household waste because of the new product.

The cleaning products which will utilize the new trigger spray bottle will be products used for carpet cleaning, hob cleaning, leather cleaning, stainless steel cleaning as well as marble cleaning and all they have to pay is £2 for each bottle.

Once the design is launched in Tesco stores all over UK, it is estimated that there will be about 27,899 litres saved every year from the usual wasted cleaning fluid.

The inventor of the Anyway Spray is Michael Pritchard who is based in Essex. It is not a surprise if it becomes a hit since cleaning products are considered commodity and used by household owners as well as companies such as those in carpet cleaning in Perth.

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