Christopher’s Old World Deli To Close Down Along With Catering Business

The owners of Christopher’s Old World Deli, Melissa Lane and Christopher Lock hart, decided it is time to retire their business. The restaurant which has been operating for 24 years is closing along with the catering business of the couple. They have serviced to almost a thousand weddings with their catering business. While there are startups offering catering in Northern Beaches, there are also businesses such as this that closes down as decided by the owners.

According to Lane, they have decided to retire thus they are closing. They are officially done with their business. The couple decided to shut down the businesses this coming March but it happened earlier because the owners of the building have already talked with the company that handles property management.

The loyal diners of the restaurant located at 206 West Main Street went to their place of business but only a sign greeted them which contain the decision of the couple. The restaurant is famous for their signature hot sandwiches, grill specials as well as burgers.

Lane added that she is still accepting clients who want to hire her event coordination services. She considers the job to be a lot of fun.

Prior to opening the restaurant, Lockhart has already been exposed to the industry because of decades of experience working in restaurants. He was the co-founder of Posh Nosh Nights, located in Nevada City, which was renamed as Posh Nosh. He used to be the chef of Creek side which is now called Lefty’s Grill. He also bought Café 174 which is a roadhouse diner located in Grass Valley and now the location of Panoy Bistro.

Christopher’s was originally located in Colfax Avenue but it was only a catering hall. Lockhart decided to transform it into an upscale market. In 2008, the deli relocated on East Main Street and in 2012 it underwent another expansion.

Lane admitted that the decision was painful because they have been doing it for 24 years.

With the wedding boom in Australia, wedding suppliers such as catering in Northern Beaches are expected to see a rise in demand.

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