Choosing Between Tiles And Tin For Your Roof

Renovating a home takes a lot of time and money. This is why everything must be chosen carefully as you will be living inside it for many years before any major renovation is possible again. When deciding on roof replacement in Sydney, you might be having a hard time choosing among the available materials. The most common materials chosen by homeowners in roofing, as indicated by the Master Builders Association of South Australia, are tiles and tins. According to Chris Edgar who is a member of the association, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Steel is the best option if you are looking for a versatile material but tiles is best when considering the lifespan of the material, the appeal and the insulation of sounds.

Mr. Edgar said that lightweight steels are usually employed in architectural buildings because it can be formed into curves while tiles require the pitch to be somewhere 18 and 22 degrees. For steel, there is a higher chance of versatility.

The major difference is the weight of the materials because terracotta is quite heavy and can weigh a maximum of 60 kilograms for every square meter while steel is only five kilograms for the same measurement.

Mr. Edgar said that when it comes to cost, flatter roofs are more affordable but it could present problems in the future if the homeowner decides to change the wiring, replace the air conditioning system or repair the plumbing. He added that they look beautiful but requires more maintenance to avoid blockage.

The roof should have a pith of as low as two degrees in order to have a curled edge which will prevent the rain from looping back since it does not have enough speed to run-off.

If you are deciding on roof replacement in Sydney with a desire to add solar panels, remember that tiles can absorb heat but it also radiates to the surrounding when the temperature becomes lower. Steel, on the other hand, allows heat to pass in the material which could heat up the ceiling but dissipation is also quicker.

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