Children From Well-Off Families Have More Chances To Academic Tutoring

Bee Academic Tutoring prepares students for lifetime success. Studies in countries that have both public and private education systems have revealed that students who are enrolled in private schools have more opportunities to undertake tutoring than their counterparts in public schools. The research on 500 households also revealed that the wealthier the family and the higher qualifications they possess, the more that they are willing to spend for high tuition.

According to families that earned more than $6,000 a month, they spend about 30% or 50% more than less well-off families for the tuition of their children from preschool to secondary school. Parents who have graduated are more likely to spend up to four times more tuition than their counterparts who have only received primary education.

The research studies further state that the wealthier the parents and the more educated they are, the more advantages that their children have when it comes to access to various resources. This is the reason why children from private schools tend to receive academic tutoring. According to Associate Professor Jason Tan of National Institute of Education, parents with disposable income for private schooling have also demonstrated a willingness to do everything they could to ensure that their children gain quality education.

For example, in Singapore, families with a monthly household income of more than $6,000 pay a median amount of $200 each month for the tuition of their children in preschool. On the other hand, families that is earning $3,000 and below pay about $100 for their children in the same grade. Those in the higher income level have no qualms about spending $300 each month for tuition in primary school which is more than double the $125 spent by the less well-off.

Singaporean housewife Hui Choy Leng has the spending power to pay for more tuition. She spends about $1,000 for mathematics and Chinese tuition for a daughter in secondary 2. Her aim is to help her daughter pull up her grades and address the difficulties in understanding certain topics. She certainly does not mind paying for academic tutoring as long as she can help her children survive and gain quality education.

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